Professor Garcia is full time faculty in the second MSW program in Oregon State. She is the former Supervisor of Social Work at CUNY School of Law, in an interdisciplinary clinical legal education programs that represent political asylees, immigrants and non-citizens, defenders, older adults, and other marginalized groups. She has worked as clinical supervisor to social workers in legal settings, and other mental health professionals. Ms. Garcia has a long history of work in the areas of domestic violence, immigrant rights, and family and children’s services. She is also a consultant to organizations, assisting them to develop, grow, and resolve conflict. Her areas of research include Interdisciplinary Collaborations and Conflict in Collaboratives, ethnically appropriate program development, and health and wellness . She is the originator of Mas Alla del Arco Iris (MAAI), an holistic approach to community mental health. She is also a member of Life Quality Project International, an organization that makes available alternative and traditional teachings that promote well-being and improve quality of life.